George Kavallis has done his first photographic lessons during his studies at the graphic and interior designing institution A.T.E.S (Established by Former Doxiadis Institution teachers) in Athens on 1992.

After he became Paros resident, he did a couple of semesters at the Aegean School for the Fine Arts under the teaching of Elisabeth & Jeffrey Carson, and John & Jane Pack. He has been using a 6×6 MAMIYA C330 Twin-Lens camera and has been printing in the dark room for years.

Then he turned into Digital photography and has changed several Nikon cameras till he settled to the D 800 full frame camera but always using manual lenses. He has done two Fine Printing Digital Lab courses under John’s teaching where he has been using the unique Hahnemuele FINEART professional Archival Grade papers that is preferred by Museums and Libraries and John Cone’s Piezography Archival B/W inks for digital printing that takes normal colour printers and triples their resolution and tonal fidelity.

He has been photographing the Cycladic landscape and it’s people as well as the archaeological sites of the islands.

  • George Kavallis photography
  • George Kavallis photography

This is his first individual exhibit at the Aegean School for the Fines Arts

from 22 August 2017 till the 13th September 2017, daily 19:30-23:30

with both B/W and Colour Images under the title

“poetry of light”.

Surprise Concert at the Opening on Tuesday 22 August at 20:30!